Thursday, February 18, 2010

We the People Politicians and Corporations

The American government has not been 'for the people' or 'by the people' for a long time now, but the clearest sign of this downfall comes from a recent poll revealing that a whopping 80% of Americans dislike the Supreme Court's decision to allow corporations to financially back political candidates. You've probably heard that 'absolute power corrupts absolutely,' and there are three powers in America that threaten our liberties and well-being more than anything else: religion, government, and business. Meshing corporate interests with political interests is a dangerous game, from which we should have learned a lesson long ago in fiascoes like Enron. Did the Supreme Court suddenly forget the banking crisis too? Let's pump more money and influence into Wall Street's amoral veins, in the name of free enterprise.

If we as citizens want our rights preserved, showing up at town hall meetings and whining about big government will do no good. We need to watch out for big business intruding into our lives too, as well as religion. I think Sarah Palin is entirely right that America is ready for a revolution, but her vision for it will trample our freedoms just as severely as any imposition of big government. The revolution we should look forward to is one that will remove the shackles altogether, not trade one master for another.